Doun Doun and Barra

Bakary was born in Segou, Mali, and is of Bobo origin. Like most members of the group, he SONY DSCgrew up by his father’s balafon. He was initiated at a very young age into the study of the barra (gourde drum), along with his brothers. He played alongside his father at weddings and in marquis. Regularly he went with his mother back to his village, and along with Bassidi, formed a youth ensemble.

At the age of 15, Bakary followed a brother to Bamako, to devote himself entirely to music. Bassidi offered him his first doun doun drum, and together they played at weddings and baptisms.

Persevering and courageous, Bakari will not cease to improve. He has become one of the pillars of Bwazan.

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