Association Culturelle et Artistique ‘Bwazan’

Bwazan are pleased to announce the foundation of their Malian association, Association Culturelle et Artistique Bwazan, official as of the 8th of February, 2016.

The Association Culturelle et Artistique Bwazan aims at promoting Malian culture worldwide through the establishment of their new cultural centre and music school, promoting local artists, the management, production and organisation of festivals, and facilitating artistic and cultural training.

Our association promotes traditional music, dance, songs and instruments, of which are closely related artistic disciplines that exist in Mali. Our (Bobo) cultural heritage and its musical traditions are of paramount importance in our conservation, development and growth, and the promotion process considering the current adverse influences of other cultures.

Music, song, dance and traditional instruments must remain in humanities; they are an essential part of today’s world, a way of living, education, community, and culture.

Bwazan Association for Music and Culture
Maison des Jeunes
Quartier du Fleuve
Bamako, Mali

Coming Soon in 2020…

Maison des Jeunes
Bamako, Mali

FESTIVAL: Nuit du Djembé et de Balafon – 6/7 May, 2016

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