Dancer, Vocals, Yabara

voix-de-bamako6Djenebou was born in Nafadji Village, near Bamako, and is of the Bamabara ethnic group. For as long as Djenebou can remember, she has always been inspired by Malia’s traditional dance styles. At the age of eleven, she began dancing and is purely self-taught through attending Bamako weddings and ceremonies, observing dancers closely.

In 2007, Denejou joined the Ballet District, inspired by the ballet’s lead dancer, Mariam Diarra (known as Mariamna). She danced with Ballet District for two years.

In 2009, Djenebou joined Bwazan. She says she is continually inspired by Bwazan’s music and enjoys the Bwazan’s collaborative nature and the respect with which they work with each other.

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