Edition 13 – Sunday 8th May, 2016 (at 16:43 minutes)

Bwazan, a group that has my full support.

Neba Solo

“Bwazan, a group that has my full support.

Appointed by the Ministry of Culture (Mali), to be an advisor to the Malian delegates (musicians) at the festival “Triangle Balafon” (2012), I was surprised by the work and professionalism shown by this talented young group. Their performance was more than remarkable. This group, led by gifted Bassidi Koné has a promising future.”

“Night of the Kamalan N’goni”

RFI – Atelier des Médias, April. 29, 2015

“Come especially from Bamako for this event was BWAZAN (BOBO children), directed by Bassidi Koné. Koné and Bwazan made two remarkable performances live, performances which will remained engraved in the memory of this festival!”

“BWAZAN, the Bobos who are the pride of Mali in the field of percussion”

Bamako Hebdo – Dec. 20, 2014

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