Bwazan Association for Music and Culture is proud to present the first edition of their festival ‘Nuit du Djembé et Balafon’, held at Maison des Jeunes in Bamako, Mali.

Our association promotes traditional music, dance, song and instruments, of which are closely related artistic disciplines that exist in Mali, the land of ancient civilisations. Our (Bobo) cultural heritage is of paramount importance in our conservation, development and growth, and the promotion process considering the current adverse influences of the other cultures.

Music, song, dance and our traditional instruments must remain in humanities; they are an essential part of today’s world, way of living, education, community and sharing, and culture.

To this end, we are honored to invite you to the “Night of the Balafon and Djembe”, which will take place from May 6th to May 7th 2016 in the youth center (Maison des jeunes) in Bamako at 7pm.

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